Answers to Question 35, Any other stories? Do they include the word yidaki?

A man imprisoned 2 women as his wifes in an ant mound and when they escaped they blew his semen into the sky to form the stars.
As to the name the yidaki was called I can not remember.

Nope, haven't really gone looking for them. I have the djalu teaches CDs, and the story he recants is good enough for me.

Heard many stories but didn't pay much attention to them as I mostly encountered them on Balanda homepages. Can't rememeber any of them.

I once heard that a man heard bees buzzing inside a hollow log and was inspired by the sound. Of course, it was from someone who was not very knowledgable about the subject, so I didn't attach much credibility to it.

In some versions of the story about the man gathering wood returning from a hunt the man was called Yidaki, but I also heard this story in a 'two brothers' form where the man was not named.

The burning termites or embers were blown into the sky, and stars were born

The stories of it's origins that I've been told have blurry. Allow me to explain. When I would ask Yolngu about the origins of the Yidaki, they would only tell me that it's from a long time ago. Some told me that it was Yirritja that discovered it and spread the words. However, most Yolngu told me that it comes from Galawinku islands and the Galpu clan. They were never concise about it's history. I have heard of the Yidaki constests though and how Galpu won the contests.

I heard a story about Ganbulbula(!?) and some funeral where he destroyed a larrakitj and all stringy bark came from there... And then he played Yidaki (the last bit I am not sure off...please tell me if you can)

Yidaki the warrior was given the yidaki via a dreamtime vision
Yidaki taught ghis clansmen to how to play
Yidaki passed ceremonies from dreamtime to the clan.

I have heard the Galpu story that relates to the West Wind and Goulborn Island. This did include the work yidaki I believe.

Yes and yes. And also yes and no.

only found a hollow log with termites in it.

a story about the color of the birds. 3 birds : one was playing yidaki, second was singing and the last danced. I don't remember all of it...

The Giddabush story

I like the Creator Spirit story where the earth and everything on it was blown out of the end of the big cosmic yidaki.

I seem to recall a story about an ansestor blowing the stars into the night sky through the yidaki.

Two men are hunting down an iguana lizard and they track it for days, eventually finding it shading beneath and old Euc tree. They sneak up around the tree and one of them tries to distract the attention of the lizard whilst the other one sneaks up behind it. On getting to the tree one of them picks up a log to hit the lizard on the head and finding hundreds of termites inside the log he hits it against the tree which made a hollow sound, the log was still full of termites but he could see the log was hollow so he brought it up to his lips and blew as hard as he could, the termites flew out of the log and the sound that came out stopped the lizard in his tracks, mezmerised by the sound he stood there frozen to the spot. The hunters had their lizard.

only heard that the name has several meanings, one of them said to be "Emu-neck" in certain areas... don't know if its true.

I have read many stories on the dream time but can not remember any on the didge. That said I like the Penis story the best

I do not know any creation stories that cite the word Yidaki.I am familiar with stories such as the blue tounged lizard who threw his didge, whilst travelling to Kunnanara,which landed on the Daly River and the King Brown story as told by Bill Niedjie.

the second one down (above) was the first one i read in an Encyclopedia back in highschool. It did not contain the word Yidaki.

and the termites made the stars?