Answers to Question 27, Can you name some other Yolngu didjeridu craftsmen?

Yes, Yali Munnungurr, Gurrarramawuy Munyarrun, Ngongu Ganambar, Gapanbulu Yunupingu

I'm afraid I'm not good in remembering names, and even more Yolngy names :-)

(How long can this be ;-) )
Litalita Ganambarr, Ngongu Ganambarr, Datjirri Wunungmurra, Watjuku Gurruwiwi, Badikupa Gurruwiwi, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Judy Manany Gurruwiwi, Gayili Yunupingu, Marikuku Wirrpanda (and approx. 30 more - I think I stop here)

I could have when I was looking into buying them, but it's been a while.

Datjirri #1 Wunungmurra, Mirrwatnga Munyarryun, Ngongu Ganambarr, Gurraramawuy Munyarryun, Milkayngu Mununggurr

Datjirri #1 Wunungmurra


Burrnguburrngu Wunungmurra, Samuel Badikupa Gurruwiwi, Nalmyal Wunungmurra, Marikuku Wirrpanda, Nyapanyap Yunupingu (of these makes I have a yidaki), Ngongu Ganambarr.

Gaymala; Milkay; Larry Gurruwiwi;

Ngongu Ganambarr, Bibibak Munungurr, Gurraramawuy Munyarryun, Datjirri#1 Wunungmurra, Burrnguburrngu Wunungmurra, Gapanbulu Yonupingu

Datjirri, Barrikupa..... those are the first 2 that come to mind.... its early and I haven't finished my coffee yet

Datjirri 1 & 2, Watjuku Gurruwiwi, Mirrara Burarrwanga

Dhopyia Gurruwiwi (She is awesome at picking them), Dhatjiri, Mirrara, Jeffry, Winiwini Gurruwiwi, Milkay M., Gapanbulu.

Gapan, Mirrwatnga, Badikupa, Nongu ect, ect....

I know that Dajlu's son Larry is also quite famous, but outside the Gurruwiwi family, I can't name anybody.

No, I have several painted didgeridoo's, but I don't have a clue who painted it, but I do like the drawings

Datjirri Wurungmurra, Gurraramawuy Munyarryun

I would recognize some names but would have to check the Net first

Datjirri Wunungmurra, Yali Mununggurr, Milkay Munungurr.

Ngongu Ganambarr

Ngongu, Datjirri, Milkay, Gurruramawuy, Badikupa.....

Viikym (Vicki & Kym, husband and wife, don't know "last" name)

Datjirri, Badikupa, Ngongu, I'm sorry I can't memorize theyr family names...

Datjirri Wununmurra


Milkayngu Mununggurr, Watjuku Gurruwiwi

Gurraramawuy Munyarryun

so many, too many

Kuntama, Mark Atkins, J Doolah, A Davis, Mulu, Terry Saleh (non aboriginal), Peter Santo


what? you jus want to see me butcher spellings.... Badikupa, Milkay, Bandamul, Datjirri,....

milkayngu munuggurr,david blanasi?

I've got sticks from Gapanbulu Yunipingu and Samuel Bardikupa Gurruwiri. Read about others via Yirrikala Yirdaki and websites.

Gurrarramawuy, Milkayngu, Ngongu, Djakapurra, Mirrarra, Bruce Wunnungmurra, Datjirri, Bibibak, Litalita, all the Buku guys and craftsmen from Western and Central areas such as Ambrose Cameron (Maningrida) Roy Burrnyula (Ramingining). MILKAYNGU MUNUNGGURR

David Blanasi. (read a book in which the author visisted him)

Litalita Ganambarr, Bibibak Mununggurr...

Munyarryun / Ganambarr / Milkay / Bandamul / Watjaku /Daturi (not sure on the spelling )

not yet because it's difficult to remember Yolgnu names

Ngongo Ganambarr, Mirrwatnga, Milkay,Daljirri and lots of others (sorry if my spelling is terrible

Milkay Munungurr, Yali, Gurraramuy Munyarryun,Binyural Yunupinu

Not without cheating. I have a Tom Kelly, but not sure were he is from.

I have one by Yoli Munnunggurr [SP.}. Litalita Ganambarr, etc..

Ngongu, Milkay, Mirwtanga?

Munungurr julie, andre

Datjirri W, Milkaynu M, Mirrwatnga M, Yirryirrnga G,

Datjirri, Ngongu, Milkay, Mirrwatnga, Munurruy Yunupingu, Gurramawuy...

not without looking it up... X-) I have a BAD memory for names...

Mirrwatnga Munyarryan,Milkay,Datjirri,Ngongu,,Gurraramawuy

Mirrawa, Datjirri, Yali

datjirri, jungula, (spelling?)

Milkay Munungurr, Garrawawan, Gurramaway, Yali, Nonu

Milkay; Gapanbulu

david blanasi?