Answers to Question 11, Who are your favorite didjeridu players?

Michael Jackson, Charlie McMahon, Djalu Gurruwiwi

Milkay Mununggurr, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Ngongu Ganambarr, Gunybi Ganambarr, Yomunu Yunupingu, Stephen Kent, Graham Wiggins, Jeremy Cloake, Paddy Fordham, David Blanasi

Djalu Gurruwiwi, Winiwini Gurruwiwi, Milkayngu Mununggurr, Mirrwatnga Munyarryun, Gapanbulu Yunupingu, Gunybi Ganambarr

David Blanasi, Charlie McMahon, Stephen Kent, Djalu and Larry Gurruwiwi

Randy Graves

None, really try not to listen or copy anyone.

mark atkins, stephen kent, richard walley, rob thomas/inlakesh

Yomunu Yunupingu, Various Arnhem land players, Ansgar Stein, Marc Miethe

There are many, and it varies with what I've been listening to recently.

Milkayngu Mununggurr, Larrtjanga Gurruwiwi, Yomunu Yunupingu, Gapanbulu Yunupingu, Guan Lim (sorry, Guan ;-)

Ganga Giri, Si

stephen kent

Djalu Gurruwiwi, and I love the old field recordings like those recorded by Mrs Alice Moyle

Kent; Hudson; the dude from the "Bloodwood" CD

Milkayngu Munungurr, Larry Gurruwiwi - in general Yolngu players - especially the younger generation. Mark Atkins, Jeremy Cloake

hmmmm..... well I can't say Randy Graves, cuz that may sound biased! Stephen Kent, Tyler Spencer, Jermey Cloake, Djalu

Djalu', Kent, White Cockatoo, Jeremy and Ken from Resonance, Randin Graves, in no particular order

Winiwini Gurruwiwi, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Milkay M., Jeremy Cloake, Stephen Kent, Rob Thomas

All Arnhemland players + Si, Michael Jackson, Adam Plack and Lies Beijerinck

Randin Graves, Steven Kent, Inlakesh, Ash Dargan, Gurruwiwi family members

Michael Jackson from Axis and Sy

David B*a*a*i, Djalu

You guys {that probably means Randy Graves & Jeremy Cloake}, David Hudson, Stephen Kent, Ed Drury

Stephen Kent, Graham Wiggins, Shaun Farrenden, Mark Robson , Milkay Munungurr ,Djalu and Winiwini Gurruwiwi.

Djalu, Steven Kent, David Hudson, Alan Dargin, Shine Edgar, Gary Thomas, Ash Dargan

Jeremy Cloake

Randy Graves, Allen Smith, The Outback (no longer together), Ash Dargan (live not recorded), David Bionski (live not recorded)

David Hudson, Adam Plack, Richard Walley

Stepehn Kent, Si, Christophe Mad'dene, Dave Crowder

Lewis Burns (i suppose only 'cause i've met him and he's a really nice guy) can't really say i have "favorites" cause i'd never know who it is... but when i started playing i was really into Dr. Didj, and Outback

Lewis Burns, Djalu, Xavier Rudd, Ash Dragon

David Hudson

JEREMY,ASH,MY FRIENDS,and so is a person who love to play DIDJ

djalu, david hudson, steven kent, randy graves, dave crowder, ian hesford

Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, many others

Alan Dargin, David Hudson, Djalu Gurruwiwi, David Blanasi, Alan Maralung, Adam plack, Johnny (White Ant) Soames, Kenneth Sands, Jeremy Cloake , Ash Dargin, Stephen Kent, Randy Graves, Tyler Spenser, Allan Shockley, Dave Crowder, Phillip Peris, Ed Drury, John Burrows, Graham Wiggins(Dr. Didge), and many more!

duh..Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Ash Dargon, Charlie McMahon, Yadarki Frank, Lewis Burns, Ganja Giri

Ash Dargan, Alan Dargin

Stephen Kent, Rafael Bajanaro, Tyler Spencer, Richard Bridge

Randy Graves

Steven Kent, Randy Graves; a few Australian Aboriginal players, but I don't know their names

Djalu, Randy Graves, Karl Kablaugh

Mark Atkins, Stephen Kent, Randy Graves

Stephen Kent, Ganga Giri, Micheal Jackson, Michiel Teigeler

Randy Graves! Alistar Black, The Famous bloke - w/yani and Survivor

michael jackson, ash dargan, (axis), Steve Wright ( hull - england )

I don't really have any.

David Hudson, Randy Graves

Stephen Kent. He's the only one I know thats famous.

Michael Jackson, Mike Edwards,...

mark atkins, jan terpstra, Adam plack

david hudson and yothu yindy

Djalu Gurruwiwi, Larry Gurruwiwi, Milkay

Tyler Spencer, Stephen Kent, Randy Graves, Jeremy Cloake

gary thomas, alan dargin, axis, denra dürr

inlakesh,jason strazzabosco,javi,tyler spencer,ash dargan,resonance,

Any traditional player - the Gurruwiwis, Yothu Yindi, all the players on the field recordings of Moyle, Elkin, Jones etc.

Urm.... Randy Graves ? (Do I get my cookie now ?), David Hudson, Ash Dargan, Dave Crowder, Didgibyte.

Any Tradplayers from Arnhem land, they are all good.

Stephen Kent, Whtite Kaketoo

Ash Dargan, Mark Atkins, SI, Alan Dargin, Mark Robinson, Stephen Kent

stade bob druet mark aktins

Djalu Gurruwiwi, David B, Jowandi, Lex Gillen, Matthias Müller, Nabarlek, Yothu Yindi, Nomad...

Djalu / Milkay / Mirrwatnga / Ngongu /and Larry Gurruwiwi

Traditional records. Djalu at first.

Migael Jackson, Mark Atkins, David Hudson, Tijmen Veen, Lies Beijerink, Michile Teijgeler

mark atkins

David Hudson

My favourite player is Ash Dargan and the group containing a player of didjeridoo is Ganga Giri

Umkulu, Kaophonic tribu

The Didjeridu Planet people

si, phillip peris, michael jackson, mark atkins and janawirri yiparrka, djalu gurruwiwi, organic dance didjeridu, ash dargan

Traditional - Djalu, Contemporary - Ash Dargan

McMahon, Si, Djalu

Jerry de Jonge, Mark Atkins, Charlie McMahon, Ash Dargan, Axis

Si, Denda Durr (swiss player), Kristian (french player)

Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Djalu Gurruwiwi, David B**n**i, Inlakesh

David Hudson, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Brandi Chase, Grahm Wiggins there are so many.....

A guy named Randy Graves from San Diego. Also Ash Dargan. I heard Djalu at Joshua Tree, he is an inspiration.

randy graves

Djalu, Mark Atkins, Andrew Langford, Didgbytes (An aboriginal person wich met in Sydney, he teach to me my first beats)

alan dargin, david blanasi, david hudson

Atkins and Richard Walley


Johnny White Ant/ Larry Guruwiwwi/ Stephan Kent

Nobody in particular

Uk - Steve Heath & Richard Bridge
Other - Gog, Mark Atkins & Axis

Djalu, Ash Dargen,David Hudson, any on the classic series. Ive yet to hear a white man play decent Didge.

Milkayngu Mununggurr/Makuma Yunupingu/Djalu+Larry...

western: Conyngham, Smeykal, Andress

Philip Peris Ash Dargan Mark Atkins Stephen Kent

Mark Atkins, Shining Bear, David Hudson

Ash D, Yoth Yindi, Gary Carnell,Adam Plack & Johnny "white ant" Soames.

The Yolngu.

Djalu Gurruwiwi,Makuma Yunupingu,Wanjuk Marika,Jack Chudum,David Blanasi,Johnny White Soames,Dr Didj,Stephen Kent,Prof Trevor Jones Alan Dargin and because I like him as a person, Ydumdum Bill Harney

stephen kent, ganga giri, mark atkins, Si mulumbi, David Hudson,

Matt Bartlett, and of course yourself!! Randy Graves.

Stephen Kent, Ash Dargan, Randy Graves!!!, Nomad, Walt Young, Grant Wiggins

dont have any

Randy Graves, David Hudson, Steven Kent.

Jeremy Cloake, Micheal jackson, Rob Thomas, Randy Graves

Mike Jackson, Mark Atkins, Scott Wilson, Quinto Calarco, Milkay Munungurr, Djalu

The group Inlakesh and Tony O'Connor

Charlie Mcmahom ; stephen kent ; david hudson ; Djalu ;

Friends...but after the listening to his instructional CDs...Randy Graves!

many...i have only heard snippets on mp3 of pc..some of western stuff far to fast and too heavy for my liking...not what its about.

William Barton, Stephen Kent, Magic Pete, King Wally, Randy Graves (I could go on)

Stephen Kent, David Hudson, Randy Graves

David Hudson, Ash Dargan, Brian Pertl